The Swirl: January 30, 2017

In case you were wondering, this is the 50th edition of the Swirl. It’s a big day - we’re getting older and smarter each week. Celebrate by reading with us. What to expect: taxes, rediscovering passions, and our favorite finger food.



SERP (n) - short for Search Engine Results Page. AKA the Google page that comes up after you conduct a search. Particularly important for those that have a website (ahem, anyone with a brand/business in 2017).

See how easily you can find your website by doing a quick keyword search in Google. And remember to check these rankings regularly. It’s how your audience will be reaching your website 60% of the time. The higher you rank, the more clicks you will get.

How to rank higher, you ask? The solution comes in the form of yet another acronym (SEO), but we’ll save that for another week.

For the millennials trying to be adults...

SwirlNotes: Jon Hamm has your back. H&R Block is in full gear for tax season, and they’ve hired our favorite ad guy to be in the center of the campaign. This spot features Hamm comparing donuts to different levels of tax rebates. Because not all donuts are created equal. And some tax refunds are better than others. Sprinkles for us please!


Between all of the weird terms and forms, taxes can be confusing. It seems like H&R Block knows their audience well. Somehow taxes seem much less overwhelming when compared to donuts. With the tagline ‘get your taxes won,’ H&R Block has positioned themselves as the easiest, best choice for all of your tax worries. Not a bad move as people start to receive W-2s. An endorsement from Jon Hamm doesn’t hurt either. #TaxesWon.

For the dreamers...

SwirlNotes: Volvo just released a new spot with enough inspiration to get you through the week. The copy is driven by a speech given by Alan Watts in 1959, “Live fully now.” More than anything, it encourages viewers to reconnect with their youthful passions. Because we all need a break from our daily grind to go surfing or take a road trip.


There’s no doubt this spot is beautiful, but it also taps into the trending topic of ‘mindfulness.’ Living in the moment, rediscovering passions, and seeking adventures have all been common themes of 2016, and we don’t expect this trend to stop. Especially in that Boomer space. Retirement is becoming more active than ever, and Volvo wants to help you seek those dreams.

For the parents with tots...

SwirlNotes: Simple message: Have more babies please! So they can eat more Cheerios.


While this was a little different for Cheerios (notice the absence of a buzzing bee or a heartfelt moment), we recognize this as the brand’s bold attempt to standout against the clutter during its Emmy Awards debut in September. The GIF-like, curated content of babies on the internet plus fun Beyonce-inspired beats and baby emojis was clearly a winning trifecta for appealing to the younger parent. And getting them to view it on YouTube 1.78 million times in the past 4 months, too. Cheerios is dedicated to helping the new parents out there, and there’s no better way to show it than with real life moments of real kids. And Beyonce.


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