The Swirl: January 22, 2017

If the Mondays of months has thrown you through the ringer, we’ve got just the thing to lift you up. If you’ve seen Hollywood’s latest musical, The Greatest Showman, then you’ve probably already been streaming the album through your speakers. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat - and we’re not just saying that. Even the Hollywood Foreign Press was inspired by Keala Settle’s "This is Me," enough so that they awarded the film a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. Warning: this song will absolutely get stuck in your head. Sorry not sorry. And if you’re like us and dying for more, check out the behind the scenes version. You’re welcome. In this edition: a new kind of fry, meal planning and everyone’s favorite saying.


ZOZOSUIT (n.) - a sensor-rich garment ensuring that apparel purchased online fits customers correctly. The garment is embedded with 150 sensors, which collect 15,000 body measurements. Plus, it connects to a mobile app that shoppers can use to order custom-fit clothing. It’s also apparently free (!?) for US buyers and will ship in Q2. Who woulda thunk?

For the late night munchies...

SwirlNotes: The day has come. Taco Bell is introducing fries to their menu for the first time ever. Yes, that’s right. Starting January 25, your late night taco cravings can also be accompanied by some cheese fries. Taco ‘bout the best of both worlds.


Taco Bell has touted its unique non-burger like food for years, and they’ve done a pretty good job at it. Part of the reason they’ve been so successful is by tapping into the late-night crowd that wants to switch things up from the typical burger fast food chain. So what does adding fries to the menu mean for the brand? For starters, they'e pretty straight forward that these will not be your typical fries. They are fries coated in a Mexican seasoning that come with a side of nacho cheese, plus the option to dress them up with ground beef, pico de gallo, and sour cream. AKA nacho fries. No ketchup allowed here. Props to T. Bell for staying true to who they are. The punny trailer is the perfect way to dramatize their premiere, and while this finger food may not typically be associated with Mexican, fries=life. Bring it on.

For the meal planners...

SwirlNotes: Blue Apron is now talking about more than food. The meal kit company released a new video series this month featuring different stories each night of the week. Because Monday-Friday can mean more than just going to work.


This is a big shift for Blue Apron, who has previously focused on their natural ingredients and food quality. Their new video series takes on a much more emotional approach, featuring different stories of "what cooking can do." Because sometimes food is less about what you’re eating and more about the people you’re with and the experience you’re having. Even better, the videos were inspired by real customer stories. According to Blue Apron, several people have expressed the emotional transformation the food service has provided them. From stress to death, we see people alleviate their troubles through the simple act of cooking a meal. And celebrate the good times, of course. Anyone else feeling like their inner chef is speaking to them? Nom nom.

For anyone who loves a good catchphrase...

SwirlNotes: Bud Light has really hit the nail on the head with “Dilly, Dilly.” The brand is pretty proud of its success with its latest campaign and its crossover into pop culture, and as a humble brag, created a new spot to add to its medieval-themed arsenal. This time, in the form of pep talk.


We’re not sure Bud Light knew the epidemic it would start with this campaign. But you know it’s legit when Merriam Webster has something to say about it. This wartime speech is the fifth in the series, and the second in what the light beer brand is calling its Super Bowl trilogy. And while this monarch may not be as eloquent as those who came before him, we love where the brand took this iteration. If you missed it, the first in the trilogy debuted last month. And the third will hit the small screen on Feb. 4. We can’t wait.


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