The Swirl: January 08, 2017

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had the best of holidays. 2018 is looking pretty good so far, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the ad world this year. Now back to the grind. In this edition: failed resolutions, double-use gift wrap and an unexpected focus group.


Ultra Violet (n.) - Pantone’s color of the year meant to evoke artistic expression and drive creative inspiration. As they say it, “Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” Looks like 2018 has a lot to live up to.

For those of you with New Year's resolutions...

SwirlNotes: Mayhem is apparently right there with you. Gone are the days of blind spots, loose satellite dishes, and literal deer in the headlights. New year, means no Mayhem. Or so he says...


People are notorious for starting the year off with gung-ho aspirations for eating right, hitting the gym and being better organized. But as we all know, those feelings can quickly revert back to the same old, same old. This year, Mayhem will do the same. Only his resolution will be in the stop creating mayhem in 2018, and to be focused on safety and better protection with Allstate. Hold that thought. The brand plans to roll out this campaign in phases that actually mirror consumer behavior, and follow Mayhem as he realizes a mayhem-free year is pretty naive. Spoiler: he gets fed up and breaks his resolution and reminds consumers that they can’t always avoid life’s uncertainties. Hence, the necessity of Allstate’s protection. Hook, line and sinker.

For anyone looking for a new workout routine...

SwirlNotes: Decathlon, a French sports equipment company, was thinking ahead this year. In preparation for New Year’s resolutions, they created a gift wrap set made out of their microfiber towels and resistance band. Perfect for the new, fit you.


Decathlon just gave themselves a major head start. While we see most brands tap into the theme of resolutions in January, this company took advantage of Christmas wrapping in December to get their message across. Even better, the gift wrap eliminates paper waste. Receivers can keep both the towel and the resistance band to help with their workouts in the year to come. And for Decathlon, it doesn’t hurt that consumers will always have a friendly reminder of their brand when they get in a good sweat. Feeling sporty yet?

For the daredevils...

SwirlNotes: If you’re looking for something new to try this year, Athleta has some ideas. The workout brand is kicking off 2018 by getting people out of their comfort zones. And getting them to realize you can do more than you think.


Can you imagine rolling up to what you think is a focus group, and then minutes later being thrown into a series of adrenaline pumping exercises? Can’t say we’ve ever considered learning how to trapeze or free falling off a suspended platform either, until now. Athleta’s main message is about overcoming self-doubt and inspiring women to try new things. And what better way than forcing them into creative workouts that show them just how capable they are. Girl power.


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