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Production Artist

We're currently looking for a production artist to join our team. Our designers are nimble, organized, highly efficient, and can push a brand's standards just as well as they can develop a brand from ground up. They know how to take an idea, make it their own, and bring it to life in unexpected ways that deliver results for our clients.





company description:

Every brand begins as an idea. For the consumer, a brand carries with it a meaning that is relevant and consistent, across every interaction. They consider and ultimately choose brands that mean something to them. Mythic is a full-service advertising agency that creates, grows and activates brands from the idea forward. We partner with our clients to build the brand meaning and deliver a consistent, outstanding consumer experience. We create a connection that inspires action. Our culture is the most important asset we have. We believe great work starts with great relationships. We like thinkers, dreamers, and people who are comfortable in their own skin.

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