Jobs & Internships

Freeloading off your parents ends today. Maybe.

Intern with us.

Who are we looking for?
College students and grads who are smart, engaged, willing to jump in and are hungry to learn (and eat foods...we're into that, too). We move as one, so you'll always be thought of as a real employee. Forget coffee runs and busy work – we need you to become a part of the team.

What will you do?
You'll dive right in, lead an intern project, lunch and learn, interact with clients and more.

And most importantly, why should you care?
That's easy. We are an agency full of different people who love to think creatively, solve problems and have fun along the way. You might even find that we have a bit of a competitive side. See our culture page for a preview.

Carter Barnett


Question: What is your favorite guilty pleasure song?

Answer: Aaron Carter – Aaron's Song

Morgan Myers

Account Executive

Question: What would your superpower be and why?

Answer: Teleportation. Imagine all the places you'd get to see at the snap of your finger...serious #travelgoals.

Chelsea Capps


Question: What era should you have been born in?

Answer: Definitely this one. I <3 technology and emojis and, I think I’m right where I belong.

Internship Opportunities at Mythic

The 2018 Summer Internship Program application deadline closed February 24, 2018. Please check back next year for new internship opportunities at Mythic.

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