We don't define our culture. Our culture defines us.

Be more. Be Mythic.

More is better. And we are always striving to be more. Be more interesting. More fun. More of whatever it is that makes us happy and you successful. Which is the same thing.

Jennifer Richardson

Account Executive

Question: What era should you have been born in?

Answer: An era where I am old enough to appreciate Texas football being a powerhouse & winning a national championship

Morgan Myers

Account Executive

Question: What would your superpower be and why?

Answer: Teleportation. Imagine all the places you'd get to see at the snap of your finger...serious #travelgoals.

Morgan Novak

Account Executive

Question: What would be your dream job be if you weren't in this industry (or if money wasn't important)?

Answer: Owner of an animal rescue

Walker Fritz

Senior Account Executive

Question: What is your favorite guilty pleasure song?

Answer: "More than a Woman" - Bee Gees

Juliana Moore

Senior Account Executive

Question: What was your first concert?

Answer: Britney Spears - Oops I Did it Again Tour, Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Rob's pie. You can have some, but don't forget. It's Rob's pie

Rob's note in the fridge