Meet the People behind the myth.

Nicole Peternel

SVP, Director of Communications & Public Relations

Past brands:
Red Bull, McDonalds, Grey Goose, Kellogg's, Kenmore, Hewlett-Packard, NFL & Trunk Club

What I love about what I do:
Research, strategic planning and people are what I'm passionate about. I love the opportunity to really dig in with a client, learn what makes them unique, and then share that story in the smartest, most powerful way possible. I really am one of those lucky people who absolutely loves what they do!

What I love about Mythic:
So many things, but what has really won my heart is this team. We have incredibly bright people with amazing brand experience and yet, no egos or intimidation. There is confidence melded with kindness and the desire to learn and grow far exceeds the need to be right. I am continually learning (and laughing!), and it just makes going to work enjoyable.

The best things in life are:
Going on an adventure with my tribe-my husband, son and 2 pups. Traveling internationally and experiencing a different culture or going to the Twin Cities and Chicago to see family & friends. Planning and cooking an extravagant meal (and then eating it of course). Disney movies cuddled on the couch and documentaries after the little one is asleep. Reading everything and lots of news radio. Sunshine and the beach, hikes in the mountains and practicing daily gratitude. The fact that every morning, my husband brings me coffee in bed.